About Me

My Background

Ceramic artist Jill Roig of Scottsdale, Arizona creates Eco-Pottery, Art for the Green Home.

The studio is my haven where I play with the earth. I get dirty. I create. 

Eco-Pottery was born from a place of creative and spiritual discovery.  What amazes me is the literal and figurative transmutation of mud into unique pieces of modern ceramic artwork!

Eco-Pottery has been selected for 17 exhibitions including Art Intersection, Urban Southwest, IceHouse, {9} Gallery, West Valley Arts Council, Shemer Art Center and Museum and Artlink Phoenix's 17th Annual Juried Exhibition at the world-renowned Heard Museum.  

My Medium

Eco-Pottery featuring black clay and glass to create art for the green home.

Black clay + glass + crystals are my absolute favorite materials to work with when creating Eco-Pottery!  I love clay not only for it’s eco-credentials, but also because of the amazing variety of shapes, textures and forms it takes on, reflecting a wide range of beauty. 

My signature technique is melting glass into clay and adding crystals to create one-of-a-kind modern ceramic artwork!


Through Eco-Pottery we reflect on the  beauty of what happens when natural materials are transformed by creativity and inspiration. 

Bringing this art into your home adds harmony, intention and joy! 

My Inspiration


Eco-Pottery was born from the belief that art and beauty are essential ingredients in the ritual of daily living. 


My artwork is directly influenced by the natural world and my experiences in the West. As an east-coast transplant, I now enjoy practicing yoga, hiking and traveling. My work is heavily informed by the imagery and mysticism of Sedona, Arizona. 

Let’s allow for the possibility of art creating small moments of beauty and transcendence.  Eco-Pottery is meant to inspire the dreamer within us all. 

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